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With winter upon us and spring following soon after, the influx of sports seasons means that there will undoubtedly be a rise in oral injuries and emergency dental visits. Wearing a proper sports mouth guard does not guarantee you won’t experience injury, it significantly lessens your chances of needing emergency dental treatment. To help you stay safe during your sports games, we invite you to review the information we have provided on quality sports mouth guards.

Also referred to as a mouth protector, a mouth guard is a dental appliance that covers your teeth to absorb the impact of any blows you receive to the mouth. Oral injuries occur frequently, especially during high-contact sports, but many patients don’t have effective mouth guards. We highly encourage you to wear a quality sports mouth guard whether you are involved in soccer, basketball, softball, or football. For those with braces, we recommend Shock Doctor™ mouth guards.

When it comes to choosing a mouth guard, you have access to many styles of sports mouth guards, but the most effective and long-lasting option is an appliance designed by a dental professional, making it even more effective than boil and bite guards. Dr. Tuhina Roy and our team would be pleased to design your very own custom-made sports mouth guard at your next dental checkup at Troy Orthodontics, and we hope you will wear it throughout the season to save your smile an expensive emergency dentistry visit.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sports mouth guards in Little Falls, New Jersey, we welcome you to contact Troy Orthodontics at 973-785-3035 today.