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When it comes to selecting a method of orthodontic treatment, the decision can be difficult if you don’t understand the different treatments well. Fortunately, our team has provided a review of the common types of orthodontic treatment for your personal information.

Traditional Metal Braces
Metal braces have been around for years, are highly tested and proven, and can often cost less than other orthodontic options. You can also select colored bands to reflect your personal style. However, keep in mind that these braces are conspicuous and can’t be hidden against your teeth.

Ceramic Braces
These braces are made of clear or tooth-colored materials to help them look discreet, and of the cosmetic orthodontic options, they tend to be the fastest. Your ceramic braces may cost more than metal braces while being more fragile, and if you don’t care for them properly, they can cause your teeth to develop stains.

Lingual Braces
Since these braces sit behind your teeth, they are the least obvious type of braces, but they can be harder to clean and may be more expensive. If you have a case of severe misalignment, lingual braces may not be ideal for you.

Clear Aligners
The most convenient choice, clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible. They allow you to eat and drink all of your favorite foods during treatment. Clear aligners are not often a good choice for severe cases, and they can only be used on teens and adults. Many times, clear aligners are the most expensive option, especially since replacing lost aligners is pricey. If you use clear aligners to treat your teeth, the process may take longer.

With so many options for orthodontic treatments, you can easily find the one that is most optimal for your smile preferences. Please feel free to call Troy Orthodontics at 973-785-3035 and schedule a consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Tuhina Roy, for recommendations on orthodontic treatment in Little Falls, New Jersey.